Imagine you suddenly owned the bank you use. You'd probably pay a fair rate on deposits, avoid gouging people on loans, and stop charging "gotcha" fees. That's exactly what a credit union is – it's a bank that's cooperatively owned by everybody who has an account.

So why isn't everybody a member?

The catch is each credit union is for people from a certain group.  Say, Brooklyn residents or members of the military. There's a credit union out there for pretty much everybody. You are likely eligible to join several credit unions – you just don’t know it yet. That's where Credit Union Match comes in. Our website will ask people a few questions, then give them a list of credit unions they can join. It sounds simple, but there's nothing out there like it now. Other websites just give people a list of nearby credit unions even if they're not eligible to join. That means that thousands of people who are frustrated with their bank end up staying because it's too hard to switch.