Our mission is not for profit, not for charity, but to be the financial backbone for our member-owners by providing the best products and caring professionalism to meet their needs from now and into the future. The Credit Union is guided by the members who elect a Board of Directors at the annual membership meeting. The Directors select from among themselves a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Board. The Board sets the policies and directs the affairs of the Credit Union. They must hold a meeting each month. They appoint an outside auditing firm to conduct an internal audit on an annual basis. The National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the Federal Government, also examines the Credit Union on an annual basis to ensure that the Credit Union is operating in a financially prudent manner.

Baker Hughes Federal Credit Union

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6830 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77011, United States
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PO Box 2188, Houston, TX 77252, USA
Phone (713) 923-9559
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6830 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX, 77011, United States