We are in our 46th year of service to our community. When we came into existence 46 years ago, our mission was based on “People Helping People”. We have been living up to that mission and we hope to continue to do that as the community continues to grow and take on new directions. We want to reach our young ones by starting them on good saving habits. We want to reach out to the membership to assist them with their financial needs. We want to offer additional services to the membership to further enhance their financial health and empowerment. This will help us to continue to grow and be here for another 46 years or longer. We will continue our mission in the community along the way which is “People Helping People”.

Hill District Federal Credit Union

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2021 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, United States
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2021 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219-6301, USA
Phone (412) 281-0822
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2021 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219, United States