LG&E Co. Credit Union was founded in 1934. LG&E provides space to assist the Credit Union in both offices downtown. Our Credit Union belongs to its members. The Credit Union philosophy is summed up in the phrase "People Helping People". It is a teamwork concept called a cooperative - in which depositors and borrowers are mutually benefited. Our objectives are: Your deposits with the Credit Union are insured up to at least $250,000 by the NCUSIF. This is a government agency similar to the FDIC Insurance that banks offer. We are regulated by the NCUA and the Kentucky Department of Finance. We have a Board of Directors consisting of current and retired LG&E employees and Family members.

LG&E Co. Credit Union

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Head Office
820 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202, United States
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Head Office mail
PO Box 32040, Louisville, KY 40232, USA
Phone (502) 627-3140
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820 W Broadway, Louisville, KY, 40202, United States
220 W Main St, Louisville, KY, 40202, United States